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For People Affected by CFS/ME in Selby & York & the East Side of North Yorkshire


Winter 2007 Newsletter Online.


This is the home page of the York and District M.E. Support Group, an independent group that provides support and information to people who have M.E., their careers, family and friends. The site gives an overview of the group, some information about M.E. and an e-version of their newsletter together with a set of M.E. related links.

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

As already stated, we provide support and information for people affected by M.E. We are a friendly and approachable group with about 226 members around York and the East side of North Yorkshire, in the UK. We hold an informal monthly meeting, where members can meet others, socialise, exchange information and views in an understanding and non-judgemental atmosphere. We have a friendship network which allows a flexible way to contact others within their needs and requirements, be it via letter, phone or email.

The group distributes a newsletter three times a year which covers all aspects of the illness but concentrates on local issues. We also have an M.E. telephone information line for members with general queries.

All costs are covered by fund raising activities; we ask for no membership fee. We campaign for more recognition, research, better benefits and to raise awareness of ME/CFS within the local media and health care organisations. We have been working with Selby and York Primary Care Trust and others over many years to improve health provision.

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