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For People Affected by CFS/ME in Selby & York & the East Side of North Yorkshire

Friendship Network

The York friendship network is a contact list set up so that local people with CFS/ME, and their carers, can get in touch with one another by email, phone or letter to form new contacts and friendships.

We aim to help people to relieve the isolation that often accompanies CFS/ME (especially in a large rural area like ours) by putting them in cantact with people who live close by, and/or have similar interests, experiences or hobbies.

All information is confidential and only shared within members of the group. A list of members statements is updated and circulated 3 times a year. However, your address, email or phone number is only given to those that you select from the list.

If you have any queiries, contact us via the Contact Page Alternatively, you can print and complete the application form, here, and post it to the address given - sorry the form is not available on-line just yet.

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